THE UNEARTHED PAST – the Prehistory of South Eastern Poland

On 14 December 2007 the Regional Museum in Rzeszów opened the permanent archaeological exhibition “The Unearthed Past – the Prehistory of South Eastern Poland”, presenting various aspects of human life in the period between about 40,000 B.C. and the 13th century A.D. Over a floor space of more than 160 m² the exhibition showcases approximately 2,000 items unearthed during excavations made in south eastern Poland. The exhibits illustrate different chronological periods in their material as well as spiritual aspects. The items are presented within a context that explains their original function and use. The exhibition features many examples of tools of various types, weapons, ornaments and pottery. The latter category includes simple household utensils, vessels used during funeral ceremonies and luxury tableware imported from the Roman Empire in the 2nd/3rd century. Another important part of the exhibition is replicas of prehistoric clothing, showing the changes it underwent in terms of materials, weaving techniques and aesthetic tastes. Several processes which constitute important stages in the development of civilization are presented in the form of computer animations. The use of this channel makes it possible to explain very complex technological processes in an accessible way. The exhibits are supplemented by numerous information boards and maps. The exhibition offers almost limitless opportunities to explore various aspects of the lives of our ancestors. Although we hope to appeal particularly to the interests of schoolchildren, the exhibition is addressed to a very wide audience. For groups, we offer museum lessons conducted by archaeologists, which must be booked in advance. The full educational offer of the museum contains many possible topics for such meetings, but we are also open to suggestions from our visitors.


Tłumaczenie: Biuro Tłumaczeń i Szkoła Językowa Skrivanek

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